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Redefine Inventory Management in Real Time with AI-Powered Intelligence

Be Ever Ready with ITS ConGlobal

Upgrade and Discover Instant Improvements

The VeriSpot next-generation checkpoint solution empowers you to:

Tech-Enable Existing Equipment

Automate Asset Tracking

See Your Terminal with Low-Cost, Precisely Accurate, real-time inventory positioning

Combat Surges in Real-Time

Enhance the experience of your customers, drivers, and employees

Become nimble, leaner, and more productive

The VeriSpot 3-Step Solution

VeriSpot uses high-resolution imagery and data-inferencing capabilities along with AI to identify, classify, and locate equipment in real-time… giving you the edge you need to compete globally.


As equipment enters, leaves or shifts within a facility, VeriSpot updates both inventory and open parking capacity.


Yard trucks with VeriSpot scan inventory and transfer data by Wi-Fi to the cloud in real-time.


Never-stale data helps teams identify issues and prevent double work or critical steps.

Best of All VeriSpot Is

Always Mobile

24/7 operations require responsive solutions. VeriSpot captures and tracks equipment as daily missions are worked–without any additional infrastructure.

Always accurate

With over 100 million images gathered in the field over seven years, our AI machines are highly accurate in all weather conditions, day or night.

Always Secure

Designed with security at the core and deployed on Cisco’s IoT technology, Verispot provides zero-day security that complies with strict cybersecurity standards. is Part of Aviro360

Integrating Seamlessly With

Our advanced mobile inventory solution gives you a real-time snapshot of your facility. Realistic operational views show equipment positioning and open slots so you can make decisions faster — with greater accuracy and confidence.

“We’re uniquely able to help our customers because we understand how terminals operate, along with the safety, service and efficiency required for long-term sustainability.”

Seana Fairchild
SVP Sales, Marketing & Technology
ITS ConGlobal

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