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Redefine Gate Operations with AI-Powered Intelligent Automation

Be Ever Ready with ITS ConGlobal

Upgrade and Experience Immediate Benefits

The next-generation checkpoint solution empowers you to:

Reduce congestion at the gate

Automate identification and validation of gate movements

Document equipment condition

Enjoy operational wins of security, safety, and accuracy

Enhance the experience of your customers, drivers, and employees

Become nimble, leaner, and more productive

The 3-Step Solution identifies entering and exiting equipment within seconds and intelligently authenticates drivers. It even validates the equipment configuration with booking / mission information to provide you with faster turn times.


Registered drivers accelerate their visits by notifying facilities of upcoming arrivals using a virtual kiosk.


Once onsite, the Portal captures high-resolution images for asset identification and condition capture.


Data-inferencing and AI provide actionable intelligence to direct drivers to preferred gates, expediting entry within seconds.

Best of All Is:

Distinctly Modular

and infrastructure-light, so you can benefit immediately and scale for the future.

Quick to Deploy

Deployment milestones:
Day 0 – Installation & initiation
Day 1 – Configuration & activation
Day 2 – Optimization
Day 3 – Upgrades & scaling

100% Tailored will meet your immediate needs, learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention. is Part of Aviro360

Integrating Seamlessly With

Our advanced mobile inventory solution gives you a real-time snapshot of your facility. Realistic operational views show equipment positioning and open slots so you can make decisions faster — with greater accuracy and confidence.

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“Our goal is to provide you the transportation support you need with unmatched safety, unparalleled service, and unbeatable solutions.”

Seana Fairchild
SVP Sales, Marketing & Technology
ITS ConGlobal